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DeVilbiss Model 286 Amber Glass Atomizer with Plastic Top

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Model 286 is designed for applying a very fine mist to nasal and oral cavities and for administering an oral vaccine.


  • Ultra-fine particle atomization of most medical solutions.
  • Straight flow tip is easily disassembled for cleaning.
  • Suitable for applying fine, medicated spray to nasal and oral cavities, or oral vaccines.
  • May be used with compressed air or the No. 1 bulb.
  • May be operated by one of the following: Model 630 bleeder-type cut-off, Model 648 cut-off assembly, or the No. 1 bulb.
  • Constructed of polypropylene material for spraying solutions incompatible with metal.
  • Popular with treatment of animals and veterinary clinics and is used for testing in laboratory research.
  • Used by E.N.T. doctors, research laboratories, veterinarians, burn centers, wound care facilities and emergency rooms.
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