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DeVilbiss Model 15 Atomizer

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 The Model 15 Atomizer offers one of our most consistent sprays for aqueous or viscous solutions. The adjustable tip helps direct the fine spray precisely where needed, and the all-metal top is autoclavable.


  • Metal atomizer with adjustable tip for directing spray up or down to reach inaccessible areas of the throat.
  • Can be used with or without nasal guard.
  • Used for nose and throat treatment (hand bulb).
  • Basically, all types of oil or water solutions can be used that are compatible with metal rhodium plating.
  • Used in colleges and laboratories for experimental testing.
  • Metal banded tubes and spray tips (sold separately) are used by research labs (i.e. to test nicotine in cigarettes, spraying laboratory animals for new drug testing).
6 Month Warranty

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