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American 3B CPR Cathy Infant Manikin with Electronics

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This infant CPR manikin, newborn, can be filled with water to approximate the same weight and "feel" as a real child of corresponding size. Realistic rise and fall of the chest is provided when air enters under the chest overlay. Torso features lifelike rib cage, sternum, xiphoid process, and suprasternal notch to help train effective compression technique. The manikin is ruggedly designed for effective flow-through cleaning and sanitizing without disassembly. Optional trouble-free electronics housed outside of the manikins offer a unique, patented system for monitoring correct performance during CPR training. Sensors activate lights and/or an audio signal to indicate correct lung ventilation, depth of compression, and correct finger or hand placement. Dressed manikin is shipped in a rugged nylon carrying bag with 12 disposable lungs.

Three-year warranty.

3 Year Warranty

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