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Bionet BM5Vet - Veterinary Monitor

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The BM5 is an enhanced multi-parameter portable veterinary monitor that boasts 2 IBP modules, 2 temperature modules, EtCO2, ECG, Respiration, NIBP and SpO2. Its 10.4 color TFT screen displays all the vital signs in different colors for easy recognition and enables you to monitor your patient clearly even the most difficult lighting conditions.

4 YEAR WARRANTY (6 months on accessories.)


  • 10.4" color TFT screen (800 x 600)
  • VGA output allows connecting to an external monitor
  • Visible alarm lamp handle
  • Arrhythmia analysis: VTAC, VFIB, ASYSTOLIC
  • Direct keys for frequently used functions
  • Trim knob for easy setup and prompt selection
  • Software upgradeable via an internet connected computer
  • Transportable: Battery operation allows for up to 2 hours of cordless use
  • Direct DC (18VDC) input during vehicle transport
  • Easy mounting with hook and hand grip
  • Lightweight, Compact and Durable
  • Less than 4Kg(8.8 Lbs) including battery
  • 24 hours of memory capacity
  • Free lifetime software upgrades
  • Extendable Parameters: 2 IBP and 2 Temperature probes are optional accessories

Purchase Includes:

  • BM5Vet Main Unit (NO ETCo2)
  • Temperature Probe (item #TEM-PRV-R)
  • Transflectance SpO2 Probe (item #B-SPO2-R)
  • Esophageal Probe w/ 3 lead ECG and temp, medium size (requires special extension cable for esophageal probe)
  • 3 Lead all-in-one ECG cable (alligator type)
  • SpO2 Sensor and Extension Cable
  • NIBP Infant Cuff
  • NIBP Neonate Cuffs(X5)
  • NIBP Extension Tube
  • Chart Paper X2
  • Power Adapter & Power Cord
  • Operation Manual
  • B-Link(Automated Record Keeping Software)
  • 4 Year Warranty Card

Other Available Options:

  • CAPNOSTAT 5 Mainstream CO2 Sensor by Respironics & Airway Adapters
  • CAPNOSTAT 5 Sidestream CO2 Sensor by Respironics & Airway Adapters
  • LOFLO Sidestream CO2 Sensor by Respironics & Airway Adapters
  • 5 Lead All in One ECG cable
  • Various IBP Accessories

If you'd like to add any of the available options to your BM5 Vet Monitor or are just curious about them, please feel free to call us at 1-866-463-3522 or use our Contact Form to personally talk with a friendly and knowledgeable representative today!


4 Year Warranty

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