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Autoclaves / Sterilizers

Invented in 1879 by Charles Chamberland, an autoclave is a pressure chamber that is used to sterilize instruments, cure coatings and vulcanize rubber. Using high-pressure saturated steam at 121 °C (249 °F), complete sterilization of surgical instruments and medical equipment occurs in just 15 to 20 minutes. Fungi, viruses, bacteria, and spores are no longer active, offering every medical setting the ability to sterilize their instruments quickly and efficiently.

Autoclaves play a vital role in infectious disease control and prevention. Long used to sterilize instruments designed to be reused in medical settings, recently, autoclaves have been used to pre-treat and sterilize waste material before disposal, especially in the case of pathogenic hospital waste. These machines effectively neutralize potentially infectious material using a combination of superheated water and pressurized steam. While some models are designed to automatically open the door of the autoclave to allow for fast drying times, others are equipped with closed door drying mechanisms that allow for an added level of sterilization.

Featuring Tuttnauer & Midmark autoclaves, accessories, replacement parts, and labels and stickers, Foremost has a wide variety of options for every doctor or dentist office, laboratory, hospital, or other medical settings. From the speedy Midmark M3 UltraFast Automatic Sterilizer, which can sterilize unwrapped instruments in six minutes and wrapped instruments in ten to the more traditional Tuttnauer EZ11 Plus Fully Automatic Autoclave featuring closed door drying to maintain sterility, there is an autoclave for every need, setting, and price point. Specializing in tabletop models, all products are patient ready, calibrated and safety checked to manufacturer’s specifications.