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Allied Healthcare Pediatric Immobilization Board

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The LSP Infant/Pediatric Immobilization Board is the industry standard in pediatric immobilization. This versatile, MRI-compatible board features a unique harness system that allows easy manipulation of the child for proper airway management or radiological procedures. Once the child is positioned on the immobilization board, the spine is functionally maintained in a neutrally aligned static position. The split-leg strapping design allows each leg to be immobilized and treated separately.

The nylon covering is easy to clean and disinfect, and durable enough to withstand harsh treatment either in the field or hospital. The 1/2-inch backboard made of finished Baltic birch is also easy to clean and maintain. The LSP Infant/Pediatric Immobilization Board is totally radioparent so the child can be X-rayed while still firmly attached to the board. The optional Drug Dosage and Patient Management Sleeve (shown) is designed to enable you to attach the Broselow Tape or a customized patient management system as an integral part.
Pediatric Immobilization Board with plastic clips.

Manufactured in USA.

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