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Allied Healthcare New Oxygen Cylinder with SurgeX Post Valve

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Oxygen regulator fires are an unfortunate reality, and the consequences are nothing short of catastrophic.
SurgeX®, a safety innovation from Allied, doesn’t just compensate for potential fire-causing problems … it virtually eliminates them. By revolutionizing the standard 870-type post valve, and in conjunction with using a brass regulator, SurgeX is not only the key to complying with the NIOSH oxygen handling guidelines, it’s also the safest portable oxygen system on the market today.
The evidence is clear. Fires in portable oxygen systems do happen. Take steps to eliminate the potential for loss by ordering SurgeX post valves today. After all, fire prevention is less costly and infinitely less painful than facing the aftermath of a tragedy.

Standard Features:

  • Virtually eliminates the effects of adiabatic compression to a level well below the ignition point of materials in a regulator
  • Virtually eliminates particle impact due to its unique bayonet tube and bronze filter
  • Minimizes the risk of fire when hydrocarbons are present
  • When used with an all-brass regulator, SurgeX provides the absolute safest oxygen delivery system available today
  • For use with aluminum cylinders only

*SurgeX is designed to be used on cylinders with straight threads only.


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