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Allied Healthcare L770 Disposable BVM, Latex Free

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The L770 improved Disposable Bag Valve Mask (BVM) is a single patient use system for manual ventilation. The L770 BVM offers accurate, dependable operation coupled with the ability to manually feel a patients respiratory response, all in a tamper-proof package for single patient use. With the addition of 3 feet of corrugated extension tubing separating the bag from the patient valve, the forces created by squeezing the bag are no longer transferred to the mask or ET tube. This helps to keep a tight seal when using a mask, and helps prevent dislodging the ET tube when bagging intubated patients. The added tubing does not affect dead space, delivered tidal volume, or oxygen concentration.
The separation also allows the person bagging to walk alongside the patient during transport, ensuring more consistent delivery of tidal volumes to the patient, and allowing the transporters to move more quickly. Using a remote bag creates more space around the patients head, yet you can still see the chest rise and fall.
Every L770 BVM comes assembled with a bag, patient valve, 7 feet of oxygen tubing and 3 feet of corrugated extension tubing. Infant BVMs come with a 45 cm H2O pop-off relief valve, which can be overridden by the operator.
When specific repeatable concentrations of oxygen are required, the bag refill valve (L471) can be employed in conjunction with a blender. When used as an oxygen supplemented source, this device also ensures high FIO2 concentrations on every bag compression no matter which clinical rate is employed. It will also conserve gas in the process by operating only while the bag refills.

Every L770 BVM comes with a bag, patient valve, 3 feet of corrugated flex extension tubing & 7 feet of oxygen tubing.


Manufactured in USA.


L770 Disposable BVM


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