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Allied Healthcare CPR Mouth to Mask Resuscitators

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LSP Mouth to Mask Resuscitators are designed to give any rescuer a safe and effective method of providing ventilation. This single patient use device incorporates a high-flow one-way valve and a 3M Filtrete™ air filter with 99.8% bacteria filtration efficiency and 99.6% viral filtration efficiency to help protect the rescuer from bacteria or contaminants from the patient.

Key Features:

  • Filter strategically located above the one-way valve to prevent patient secretions from saturating the filter
  • Designed for use in EMS, hospital, home care and industrial markets
  • Standard mask size accommodates adults and children
  • Operation is not affected by extreme temperatures
  • Configurations include a hard case for compact storage, oxygen inlet, head strap, gloves and wipes


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