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Allied AutoVent 3000 - 1.5 Second Version

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Brand New LSP AutoVent 3000 this AutoVent series integrates field experience and engineering excellence, producing a lightweight, transportable automatic ventilator. Both the AutoVent 2000 and 3000 meet the American Heart Association standards for automatic ventilators. Designed for patients over 44 pounds, both units utilize state-of-the-art pneumatics to assure reliable, time-cycled, constant flow capabilities driven by a minimum of source gas. The additional capability of adjustable inspiratory time makes the AutoVent 3000 ideal for institutional applications. Independent controls for rate and tidal volume on the AV2000, and the additional inspiratory time settings on the AV3000, can be adjusted quickly and monitored at a glance. The AutoVent 2000 and the AutoVent 3000 may be used with standard resuscitation masks or standard endotracheal and tracheostomy tubes.


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