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AIVIA® 100 Alarmed Indoor AED Cabinet

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The AIVIA® 100 Alarmed Indoor AED Cabinet. Combining strength and lightness AIVIA® is composed of two distinct parts:
- The polycarbonate cover
- The ABS base

These materials are well known in the industry, giving excellent shock resistance properties.


The survival sequence and three clear pictograms with instruction for use are shown on the front cover. The AED acronym and the defibrillator logo (heart broken by an electric spark) are on the sides.


Open access to the AED is protected by security seals. A luminosity sensor automatically activates white LEDs when the AIVIA® is in the dark. Removing the AED automatically triggers a visual alarm (flashing red LEDs) as well as an audible alarm (90 dB).


Powered with 4 disposable batteries (4xLR20 included), the AIVIA® 100 is meant to be installed indoors. With a free access, the cabinet offers helpful features to locate, protect, and make the AED available inside buildings.

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