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Trusted, Reliable and Affordable!


     Established in 2002, Foremost Medical Equipment provides new and recertified equipment, devices and supplies to the international medical community. With a focus on the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) market, Foremost supports the needs of medical professionals from First Responders to Primary Care Physicians. In addition to recertified equipment, Foremost is an authorized distributor of new equipment, accessories and supplies for over 25 medical equipment manufacturers. We stand behind our products and all recertified devices are delivered patient ready with a warranty.




Mission Statement

     Our mission is to excel as the premier distributor of new and recertified life-saving medical devices.  We serve the medical community with the sole goal of saving lives with our advanced products.  Foremost is committed to offering these products with a team that maintains the highest level of product knowledge while providing exceptional customer service.  Our company will continue to develop long-lasting relationships with the most reliable and hard-working team in the industry.