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American 3B A.E.D Trainer

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Perfect for American heart Association (AHA) scenario-based training! Simply push a button to set the sequence of events that will help students learn the appropriate steps to follow in both "Shock and No Shock" situation. The instructor can select from eight AHA recommended AED training scenarios. Once the scenarios is selected, the trainer will prompt the student in appropriate actions and responses. Lightweight, compact trainer comes with reusable pads and electrode sets, 9V battery, and user's manual (includes optional pre-planned simulations). Three year warranty. 7"X5"X1"

Training for all eight AHA recommended AED training scenarios:

  • 1) VF victim; pulse returns
  • 2) VF victim; no pulse returns
  • 3) VF victim; pulse returns, no breathing
  • 4) Non-VF; complete airway obstruction
  • 5) VF vistim; transdermal medications, pulse returns
  • 6) VF victim; wet environment
  • 7)VF victim; refibrillation after conversion
  • 8) VF victim; loose electrode troubleshooting

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